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Ms. Grace Gong

Ms. Grace Gong

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Cleaner production, PCB path of sustainable development

On January 20, 2010 - the new policy, China PCB industry innovation road in where? Along with the energy conservation and reduce pollution such as macro policies, relative PCB, clean production is the only way to achieve sustainable development. In response to the energy conservation and environmental protection, cost, efficiency, and many other factors bring huge pressure, how to break through, has become the focus of the industry.According to China epoxy resin industry association experts, industrial revolution brought about by the new technology, leading the green PCB production for the road ahead. Under the strong voice of energy conservation and environmental protection, at the forefront of PCB industry faces three big problems, was put to an unprecedented strategic height, namely, environment, resources and sustainable development problems. The development of China's PCB industry must strengthen management, to make it to the clean production of virtuous cycle economic track, PCB industry to become a resource saving and environmentally friendly industries. So the PCB enterprise must awake, actively in the face of this situation, to accelerate the technology innovation and industrial revolution of the traditional PCB production, achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction and pollution-free production.rinted electronic technology will lead the PCB industry to "green production" for the road ahead. According to some developed countries in the world have invested heavily to research and development of this technology.

Experts say PCB conventional manufacturing technology is the copper foil etching method, mainly using copper-clad laminate as the substrate, screen printing or optical imaging formation erosion resistance line graphics, circuit are obtained by chemical etching; If it is double sided and multilayer PCB hole metallization and electroplating, implement circuit interconnection between the layers. PCB manufacturing process, process more complicated, therefore, will cost a lot of water and electricity, will cost a lot of copper and chemical material, produce a large amount of waste water and pollutants.ccording to China epoxy resin industry association experts, the development trend of electronic equipment is muti_function, miniaturization, environmental protection and low cost, the corresponding requirements for its high density of PCB, lightweight, environmentally friendly and low cost, the traditional PCB process and product obviously difficult to meet the requirements of a new generation. Now Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan is on the rise in our country a PCB technology revolution --, printed electronics (PrintedElec - tronic) or electronic printed circuit (PEC: PrintedElectronicCircuit), the revolutionary new technology is to use functional ink to print out the electronic circuit on the insulating substrate directly, such as flexible conductive ink printed on the organic film conductive lines, printing ink semiconductor wafers

China PCB manufacturers market follower road how far is it? China epoxy resin industry association experts say, since the emergence of the printed circuit board, more than half a century, everybody's dream is to be able to decrease manufacture process of the diagnosis, replaced by addition method.

At present the technology in the aspect of technology, materials and equipment have made progress. To this we are waiting for Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea will introduce later to make achievements, is stepping up research and development, catch up by yourself? This is a matter of principle. , he says, many domestic enterprises are looking forward to an early adopts the addition process process, especially the flexible printed circuit board company, they want to use inkjet printing technology to replace the character printing and resistance welding, then the line form. This not only can be greatly reduced by the hard process of flexible plate processing of waste, but also can greatly reduce working procedure, shorten the production cycle.Implementation of "electronic printed circuit process, our industry is going to be a technological revolution." PCB enterprise at present in China from the point of scale and fund and so on various aspects, with the international big group company, there is still a gap compared, can not by a single enterprise to undertake in the process of addition process of slurry, equipment and test all the work.



Strengthen industry alliance, combining, division of labor cooperation and common development, is a kind of good method and form according to the China epoxy resin industry association experts said, the recent "printed electronics conference" was held in zhuhai, founded the "printed electronics production, alliance", and is divided into equipment, materials, process group, which block and JPG groups, etc. The alliance primary goal is to conquer the ink-jet printing technology, the ink jet printing technology is the first application in flexible plate characters and resistance welding."China PCB industry absolutely can no longer rely on the introduction of equipment, materials, processes and technology for development, absolutely can't always behind others, use of high prices to buy other people's achievements, so that we will never be outdated, passive, weak forever. China epoxy resin industry association, the expert thinks, we must vigorously develop with independent intellectual property rights research and development, trial production, innovation, catch up with Japan, Europe and the United States." We should mobilize more colleges and universities and enterprises, the production of more alliance, promote the technology level of China's PCB industry, with more of their own patent, its technology, materials and equipment developed by myself. China's PCB industry ranks among the world's most advanced ranks as soon as possible.




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