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Ms. Grace Gong

Ms. Grace Gong

Department: Marketing
Job Title: Marketing manager
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The importance of PCB circuit board copper foil factory

The importance of PCB circuit board copper foil factory analysis

Said circuit board factory, circuit board copper foil thickness is very important for the electronic products, different products to the requirements of the circuit board copper foil thickness is different .

Printed circuit board factory, circuit board, also known as the printed circuit board, printed circuit board is an important electronic components, electronic components to support the body, the provider of the electronic circuit connection. Traditional printed circuit board, with printing and etching resistance agent method, make a circuit of the line and surface, so called printed circuit board or printed circuit board.

Some low current electronic products can use some of the copper foil is thin, circuit boards, electronic products are of high current can be used with the circuit board copper foil, if high current electronic products use thin copper foil circuit board, then once the use of electronic products will make the line of circuit board line caused by the bear so big of current leads to components burned badly burned.

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